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We connect nationally respected brands with authoritative blogs, local media and influencers to help their messages reach new crowds.

What we do
for brands.

Clarify your message.

Before sending a single email, we help tailor your campaign’s message to make sure it adds value and aligns with what influencers and the media are interested in.

Tap into our network.

Through our network of thousands of high visibility journalists, bloggers and influencers we’ve built relationships with (with that number growing each week), we identify and contact those that are the most relevant match for your campaign.

Track results.

Our analytics dashboard helps track your brand campaign’s engagement across both the digital publishing landscape and social media.

Why influencers love us.

In a world that expects creatives to work for free, we don’t. We also don’t waste everyone’s time by suggesting irrelevant & uninteresting campaigns to publishers that might be viewed negatively by audiences they’ve painstakingly built from scratch.

Win, win, win.

By only taking on certain brands and campaigns that audiences want to engage with organically, we ensure that all parties win. If at any point we don’t feel like this isn’t the case, we pause the campaign and either make critical changes or permanently put it on ice.

Our team

Jonathan Reeves

Founder & CEO

Hannah Sinclair

Sr. Account Manager

Abbey Cline

Sr. Account Manager

Lynette Johnson

Account Manager

Kayla Samuels

Account Manager

Jameson Lopez

Jr. Account Manager

Ben Peters

Account Manager

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